October 27, 2008


ok, ok, ok...victorias secret and everyother bra company is gonna be down my throat but...

shh I hate bras! I am one of those who does not have to wear a bra- ok we won't go there- but tank tops and camis do fine for me....What happens when I have to wear a bra-???
Seriously I have been sized and feel like I have been arrested and restricted and am gonnA DIE!
I will pull it off in the bathroom before I walk out, or just in the car after an event. I have never felt comfortable in a bra and know that some man created them because he thought they made a woman look hot or to push them up and salute him...Either way to me a bra is punishment , and thats one reason I love colder weather- the sweaters and sweatshirts- being free. Hey there are some men who need bras more..why don't they have to wear them? For those women who enjoy and are comfortable in bras- bravo to you- but I am finding more and more women do not like the wonderful slingshots out there.

That guy looks so happy doesn't he? Imagine if everyman had to wear a bra--hmm not very happy men I would think. They all would need the front clasp because they are not as flexible as us to reach in back or take them off without taking off their shirts!

If you seriously have a bra that doesn't feel like madonnas cone bra or as tight as the one up there in the picture - like I said I had been professionally sized- that did not help! If you have found the perfect bra pass it on (not the bra- just the company and brand/style) and let me know- If you hate bras thats cool too. At least I am fortunate not to have them dragging down to my knees or I would have to wear one. No insults intended ladies if yours drag down to your knees.

Oh and ladies and gents- don't forget to do your monthly exams and get your mammograms-the few minutes squeezing your tatas could save your life.

Ps..thanks pinkforoctober.org for the added fun this month! http://pinkforoctober.org/


  1. I hate to wear bras, too! But I have to, as i am well-endowed & do not want to have eggs in a baggie boobs!

    Go to Nordstrom & ask for Wacoal bras. They will fit you there & then put you in the right style. You will pay a bit more, but it is definitely worth it!!

  2. I have to wear a bra because I like mine to look more alert than they do. Four kids later and... well, you get the picture. Thanks for coming by my blog and enterting to win the t-shirt. Good luck. Oh, and if you win I think you'll need a bra under it! LOL

    I have on a very comfortable one now that I wear when I don't feel like being bothered. I tried twisting around to see the company or whatever but I can't. Sorry. :D

  3. Sandy, you won a book at Literarily. Check it out HERE.


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