October 6, 2008


The word for today is MAMMOGRAM

This is the second in a series of eight a la photo hunt contests that will be held here on Pink for October, in an attempt to get more people involved during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The word for today is MAMMOGRAM. Go here for details http://pinkforoctober.org/

Mammograms are serious business, many are afraid because of what? Because others say they hurt- all I personally have had is a pinch.

http://nbcam.org/newsroom_download_center.cfm FREE download of how to do a breastexam

I personally am one of those who stops people in stores that I do not know and reminds them to do breast exams- even have told men go home home and make sure your wife is doing the monthly exam and helped them find lowcost mammograms. I will bring up the subject to do the monthly exam to a secretary when I am at an appt and will help them find a mammogram...its a scary thing to some but after years of fear of the unknown the fear is the unknown. If you are afraid to go for a mammogram, please don't be..there is nothing to fear but fear itself. No I do not work for any agency or doctor.

I am one that has had many friends, family and myself affected by this nasty and horrible disease and a mammogram is an early way to catch it before it spreads.

One of my minor- yes minor children had three lumps removed from their breast last year- and why did they find it? Because they had been taught by me to check for lumps. I pushed for the mammogram and other tests and they found one lump..when they went to take it out, they found two more hidden behind. See I hate cancer, I have seen my grandmother die and friends die long ago because it was a taboo subject. Now it isn't a taboo subject, and I am glad but still have friends who are scared as hell to go because other friends have told them its painful, it hurts...please go get a mammogram- you have people who love you and want you to go...it doesn't hurt!

I may not be able to go hold your hand but know I am there and alot of other women holding your hand so you aren't so scared, I promise I won't let go till you ask.


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  1. I've never had one, because I've been told that I don't need one until I'm 40. But, I will admit I'm not the greatest with the self-exams. Thanks for the reminder.


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