October 4, 2008


People had already been wearing yellow ribbons to show support for American troops, and red ribbons for people with AIDS, when in 1992 two women – cosmetics executive Evelyn Lauder and women's magazine editor Alexandra Penney – launched a campaign to wear pink ribbons to show awareness of breast cancer. At left, big pink ribbon at "Race for the Cure" in D.C. 2000. At right, pinkly-lit Empire State Building in 2002. (Photo: AFP/Getty)

This is the first in a series of eight, or maybe more, contests that will be held here on Pink for October, in an attempt to get more people involved during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And since I have explained how the contest will be played, and also introduced all our generous sponsors, we should not waste anymore time. Let’s get started!

The word for today is RIBBON.

It is breast cancer awareness month, so Pink for October is starting it off with their first contest. Each Monday and Thursday at 12 am (GMT) they will post a word. Today’s word is: RIBBON. Players are then asked to find a picture that represents the word as well as a description.

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