January 9, 2009


I purposely have been avoiding stores- money saving and just hate shopping period but had to go to target to go return something because it was defective. We made a run thru and looked at the holiday stuff that is 90 off and was proud I avoided the junk they had--oops I mean treasures left on the shelf, I did get some stockings- enough for a class which was cool. But my biggest find was the holiday clothes 90 off for adults..the kids was still 50 off and they said the kids are seasonal not holiday so they will be going down slower but I got 5 of the same flannel pants and tshirt with the grinch for 1.00 each (19.99 each - so that was 95 percent off!). Now I can wear the same outfit everyday for 5 days- did I change or didn't I....haha..the poor mailman and ups will think I am poor and never change the clothes. You see I love flannel pants- seriously more than sweats- they are comfy and wash well and working from home I wear casual till I toss on jeans and run out the house. My older son asked me if I planned on wearing them day after day, and I said if I want to I will...the shirts are too summery but I love the fact I got such a great deal and for me! I usually do not even look at clothes but thought I need some newer lounge pants- seriously I am happy..I walked out of target with 39 stockings, 5 lounge sets and 2 nightsets(for gifts) for 16.88....Regular tag prices add up to 276.34 plus tax so its more than 90 off for some of the items. If you are daring go take a looksie at target..they had lots of toys on sale and even though the kids clothes in our store was not marked 50 off they had alot of last seasons clothes for baby- and boys stuff 75 off. Happy Shopping...I guess I feel daring because I am doing walgreens tomm...pray for me because I really do hate dealing with cashiers and coupons but love the deals.

Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like wonderful bargains at target.

  2. Oh I love Target everytime I come to the US I bring an empty suitcase just to fill up with stuff from there


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