July 26, 2009


I had a beautiful email this week that asked if I was alive, yes I am.

Ok so I am taking a little break here and there but am trying to enjoy the summer and my kids since they will soon be grown and gone and I will be sitting around with my dogs blaming the gaseous air on them.

Seriously though, we are getting ready for a fall move and after living in a house for a decade with alot of stuff it is seriously time to organize, and donate more and more.
Yes I am a stockpiler and a saver, and thought I donated alot but I see from what we have accumulated it is not enough. I have decided this move is going to go smooth and organized, and not just move into the house and stuff it whereever it fits. Sounds easier said than done.

I pray you are all having a safe and blessed Sunday and are enjoying your little ones while they are little, and are hugging your loved ones and telling them you love them.

I am here and hanging- God Bless.

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