August 11, 2009


MOM CENTRAL sent me a 5.00 gift card to go try the new boneless wings at Wendy's. Ok I love eating at Wendy's , the food is usually fast and fresh and affordable. I tried the SWEET AND SPICY ASIAN CHICKEN NUGGETS. Were they yummy? Yes..but they were very expensive for the price, 8 pieces for 3.99 is alot. They were good and the sauce was delicious, will I go back and buy them honestly? No. I usually stick to the budget meals/menu. They were yummy though, the sauce beyond delicious and the meat tender and juicy.
The doublestacks are amazing, the chili is amazing for the price and so is the frosty (yet seems to shrink and shrink each year). Where we live there are alot of restaurants together and Wendy's is the first choice over other restaurants unless its happy hour then they want to go for cold drinks for half price. We don't always stick to the budget menu- my eldest son loves the baconator and can eat two so I tell him thats a treat, and he goes back and forth between that and the doublestacks which he can eat up to 6 with fries in a sitting without breathing and faster than me eating a doublestack and baked potato. I love the supervalue menu at Wendy's, it makes eating out affordable and does not kill the pocket book.
Back to my comments about the boneless wings- will they fly at that price? I don't honestly think so, too expensive with people tightening the belts and for 4.98 you can get a bag of boneless frozen wings and zap them at home and have enough for the whole family. Thankyou momcentral for letting me try the new product, thankyou Wendy's for letting us tell how we feel and popping for a little bit of free food.


  1. Hope you have an excellent week!

  2. I have not tried these.I usually go to wendys for cheap food. These sound a little price


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