August 10, 2010


Summer- why is it that we spend as families together more in the summer when in reality the winter months its cold and you should be indoors studying together, watching movies and cuddling by the fireplace? Well...summer is almost over and some have already started with school and I hope you have created some memories together- whether it be hanging out in the backyard catching fireflies, or standing in line waiting for rides in 100 degree heat at an amusement park. I hope you have made memories that the children as well as you will cherish for years to come. I pray that as families you realize its not the things that last forever but the memories and time together that do.

I pray that you make time as families to breathe and be together and maybe have a day where everyone says nothing- no events come before family...except your faith. Remember what is important in life.

I know as school starts up, work gets busier but make the time, the time to be together- even if its for making dinner together, or eating dinner together- or having a game or movie night TOGETHER. So as summer closes and yep I know its still in 100 degree days here- make time to be together and just be.

Everyone have a safe first day of school.

For those mommies crying because their babies are headed to their first day of school- remember it does not end and you will cry on the first day of their last year of high school and say when did they grow up..I blinked and they no longer were babies. Well mom- remember they do grow up and you will always be their mom forever and ever and they will always need you and you will always be their when they fall- but indeed they do grow up and it is you who have been their for them and guided them with God's help, yes you have to let go of their hands and let them go but you will be their mom forever and ever. 

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  1. As the mother of a 21 and 8 yr old I was nodding my head in agreement.

    Happily I try to make a memory with my children everyday.

    Be blessed!


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