August 23, 2010


We have decided  and been given permission to paint our rental house we are in- the white walls are just too bright in the living room- so we have been researching paints and think we have decided on Dutch Boy Paint- we researched and wanted dura clean but its not available in our area- ok not in our state. Dutch Boy wanna send us some dura clean and we will review it. I researched what I wanted like nuts and now cannot get it. Well we are rethinking and might do dimensions or refresh. I was looking at head for the hills - really love grand stand - the drapes we put up for winter are the color to the right- for the walls or something along that line for the living room walls or basketweave although the mocha was a choice- thinking about it. In the meantime any of you with experience with dutch boy pains drop me a line- I like the fact they(refresh) can be used inside- ZeroVOC / Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified. Ok we have decided on grandstand because of drapes- and carpet color to match the classic...but still need some feedback from you folks who have dealt with dutch boy, does it cover in one swift move? Does it stink, does  it dry quick?   Is it easy to work with?  Let me know.

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