December 4, 2010

LEARNING TO LET GO and a message to budget rent a truck

Some of you know my journey and what I have been through for the past few years, some know I was married to a hoarder as well had parents were saved it all.  I am trying to teach myself and my kiddos less can be more- more enjoyment in life and less to worry about.  I have had my tree up since before October- granted its 3 feet tall- we did not get to have a tree last year and want some enjoyment before we move at the end of the month.

 I am learning to let go of alot in life and things do not matter at all, some things are nice, some are needed and some are wanted.  But I have this silly dream of being able to pack up my house in a day and go,  and the pure fact of the matter is I do not want my kids to deal with inherited junk  and save this and that when its in excess.  I am sorry but to my folks and their folks it was memories and treasure, but to me, it is stuff. Most not even worth anything except to the person who kept it.  I do not want to carry and drag so much stuff with me in life that I do not live.  With everything going on in life, that no one can imagine- it is stressful and hard to live and breathe with so much  STUFF.  In the past few weeks I have let people tell me what they need or want and if I have it and have not used it- if they want it- they get it- some of the things are small, some are big. Salvation army, Goodwill and our local womens shelter  have shelves filled with stuff I was told I had to cherish and I hope someone finds what they are looking for or needs.
 My kids have surprised me by being excited to share and donate, and maybe realizing sometimes you can have too much, and others have nothing. Or maybe they are realizing less things doesn't lessen the quality of life and is way easier to clean.

I  have cleaned up and out, and never want to get at that point again in life.  It was not all them and their stuff-(but 90 percent was a houseful dropped off without me getting a chance to say no) I loved coupons and overbought when it was cheap or free but seriously how much shampoo do you need- yes I donate some, but I guess not enough.
I am praying that you all think before you buy a gift for someone- do they actually want it or is it gonna  sit in a box or accumulate dust- why not buy them a gas card, or the family a season pass to a theme park, or local museum- something they can build memories with.  Or  go pay  a certain amount on their gas or electric bill. Sometimes it means a lot more than a trinket or another appliance in the closet.
For those of you that have lived in the same place a long time- go open a closet- or open a box you put away awhile ago and see if you really need this or that,  or can someone else use it. Ask yourself- if I died today would I want my kids or  my family to have to deal with so much excess of my mine?  I know there are some so organized, and I am trying still, and when I get where I am going I hope to take what I weedled down to 25 percent of stuff kept to half it again if I do not need it.
I  am excited for the move- hate moving but last year when I used Budget- it was smooth and easy- ok the ice storm that hit after 70 degree morning did not help and the stair stepper turned into a boob bruiser- someday I will post- still not truly over that one...but  they made it easy  having it all ready for me when I went and picked it up.  Nope, no paid advertising from budget rent a truck here- I have been doing research and they are still the only affordable movers - self movers around.  Hey budget if you want we can work out a deal somehow if you want to help a single mom out not getting a dime of help from a lowlife.

Well back to my point and yes I have one-  look at what is around  you- does it make you feel good, do you use it or does  it  have a hold on you?  I am hoping some of you, and I know from emails that people feel stuck to the treasures and collectibles- I hope this year you learn to let go- seriously I am not all the wall but each time I do- boy I feel so good and so relieved.

God Bless you all, and  I am busy with what they call life- or at least my version.  I am gonna make it through  it all- my faith in Him pulls me through each and everyday. Oh and I was serious if budget wants to send me a message- another company made me an offer but I was not in one of their states.

If you are moving they have  deals to the end of the year and have great storage deals too- in fact the rent a car is a great deal too- go check em out

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