May 15, 2011


Ok Father's Day is fast approaching - ok a month away and now is the time to start thinking what to get besides beer and beef jerky.  No matter what I always sent my dad a gift, even when we were not talking....sort of out of respect, or thanks for donating your specimens to make me.  Back to the topic....we cannot pick up flowers in a whiz at the last minute for the men  like some do for Moms on  Mother's Day so start looking folks...and  I have a few ideas- yep you can order some gift cards from a local restaurant and send them to him, but you can also pick out something a bit  more personal at  You can be on a budget or go big....and order it and they deliver it without you having to even go to the store and pick it out. At they have tools, fishing and hunting items and all sorts of goodies men like.  I am just  reminding you all start looking because it is hard  shopping for some men unlike women where you can order a vase of flowers.  Good luck and remember he also would not be a dad without you so  get yourself something too., they are affordable and do have alot of deals with free shipping.  Oh and if you feel like it, and if you were one that just got mom flowers ...take a gander and send her a gift too because Dad would not be a Dad  without Mom.....or maybe your Mom is  both Mom and Dad- make sure you say thanks and give her a hug....and they have some pretty nice gifts for mom too.  Happy shopping..and no did not pay or provide anything....its just one of  my choice stores to shop- they ship fast and I can trust the company.


  1. Thanks for hopping by!
    I saw the Passionately Pink for the Cure and wanted to see more. I sit on a breast cancer foundation board and am always curious when I see the pink ribbon!
    I'm a new follower!
    Have a great day!

  2. I certainly enjoy CSN and have found they are really reliable -- Great idea to think ahead!


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