July 27, 2011

Are my kids like the rest or not...#jcpback2school

I love my kids with all my heart, and lucky me I  never have had to fight with their choices of clothing. Now let me state I have adult children to babies.  One thing I can guarantee about all my children is they shop from classic clothes and then make it their own. One will make her own vests out of old sweaters to make a tee pop. Another will recycle old worn pants and make bags.  My girls have always been the kind buy something and add a zip of something old to make it their own.
My girls love regular jeans and then add their own style of top and classic boots or sandals.

My kids also get creative with clothes and will take a dress and wear it as a top if its too short, and add leggings, or jeans and boots.  My eldest bought a mans denim shirt and made an awesome layered dress with boots and a tunic and leggings underneath and a triple wrap tie.  No one had an outfit  like her.  Everyone wanted her outfit and then tried to copy, yes my girls are trendsetters and I love it, because they are  beautiful when they dress up.

Am I shocked at my girls, no.  I am at their creativity, yes at the wonderful ideas they throw out and make.  Maybe they have futures in styling clothes, or maybe decorating.  Whatever they do, I know their creativity will take them far, and my kids are smart they use what they have and buy clothes that mix and match.

I am proud of my girls that they do not care that others wear 1000 dollar shoes, because they are indeed impressed they have their own own of a kind outfits no one else will have and at an affordable price.
I love my kids love to dress with their own ideas and express their own creativity, and  and I love I can breathe easy because they have great style.  Too many parents pick out their clothes and I believe  this is a great part of growing up and learning to be an individual. 

  Kids these days need an outlet to express their style, and as long as it is not vulgar my kids are allowed to be themselves and express their own style, likes, tastes in the clothes they pick out to wear.  Why do parents want their kids to be all the same, its more fun to let the kids dress their own style and truly, kids seem to be happier when they can express themselves in what they wear.
 I love jcpenney for the selection and for the fact they sell realistic clothes at affordable prices.  I love that my kids and I agree on sold at JCPenney.   I love that they make it fun to shop for the kids without wanting to tear my hair out or worry there is going to be a fight over an outfit wanted.    I love they also guarantee the purchases, and have easy exchanges.  I also love on top of the great low everyday prices, they have great sales to further my bang for my buck and the kids are happy when they get to pick out clothes and mom does not have to say- put it back way too much.  Thankyou.

I love going to JCP because the boys can get their favorite the favorite team jerseys at an affordable price as well as the proper polos for school and church. But they can add their favorite tees and slacks too at an affordable price.
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