July 30, 2011


As I sit here watching my children watch baby birds being fed by their mother I hold back tears because soon that mommy will let go. 
I know, its a part of life - a big fact of life but she cares, loves and protects and indeed has to let go but you know what....she will be their mother forever and ever and ever. 
What she teaches them today, and how she loves them today reflects on the rest of their lives. 

I indeed think about that everyday, am I reflecting the right things as a parent.  I have to remember they hear it all and see it all, even when you do not think they are.  My son sees the tears even when they are just puddling in my eyes and asks, and I give him a hug and say tears of motherhood.   

Are there such things as tears of motherhood? 

Yes indeed there are- tears of happiness, confusion, sadness and more.  
Are you making the right impact as a parent? 

What you teach them today reflects in their lives- maybe not today, not tomorrow  but indeed it does make an impact.  

Lead by example - if you want them to do something, be prepared to  do it yourself too.   If you want them to be honest, you have to  be honest too.  Honest in every way- no lies, no cheating... you may think they do not see me do this or that but they do.  Act like an adult because you are an adult, not like you are still in high school- yes grow up.   Yes, eat your vegetables, and move and your children will too.  I try to teach my kids we are all one big team and we need to help each other when we can, some think that is silly but it also makes you a better person .

Yes,  they grow up but your impact today affects them forever and ever and ever. 

That is why I will be a momforeverandever, even way after I gone. 

Please to the blogger turd who loves to copy others work- get a life and spend the time doing you own work not stealing others thoughts...you indeed are setting bad examples yourself by being a thief.  Anyone else who sees others works recopied please report it to blogger or to the owner of the blog.

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