November 16, 2008

It has been a week...


I do admit I went to target on the way home from a job and got my milk for the week to fill the fridge and diet coke/dr.pepper(ok some have their coffee they need- we need the soda- sorry- its our addiction!)..thats all I got besides canned tomatoes- I knew I would need little things so I got those because they are so versatile. Monday I will be going to the bread outlet for just bread- am out of bread after today. It has been a great lesson so far in using what you have to this household- you buy it- use it- some people do not have the privilege of full cabinets. Yes we will need little things I suppose but I love the fact the creativity in the household members is flowing!

Some of the foods we had this week.. chili, split pea soup with turkey ham, cheese sandwiches, french toast, omelets a la slop,bagel pizzas, soft taco surprise- they made special ones for dad with tuna in it with beans and hot cheese and he loved it (yuck) but they are using their minds and cleaning the cupboards.
We had made one slop connection that was chicken on top of pasta, with parmesan cheese and vegetables and although it looked odd- it was really good.
No one has starved, and the case of ramen noodles on the shelf has not been touched yet - but I do say its good to declutter the kitchen and get creative. I had not been to walmart for a big shopping event- in actually 3 weeks before my declaring lets use what we have so I am hoping we are making a dent. We do not have double couple stores where we are, or super coupon deals and I am trying to live with the thought- buy only what you are going to use, instead of tossing it in the trash stale later.
I think the household is learning appreciate what you have and getting alot of little lessons while this is going on ( at least I hope so- because I know I am). I do know I will be needing another griddler because I have almost worn my out,- yep I kill crockpots ( I had 4 going at once yesterday on the counter- so yes I use mine alot!) and griddlers- but they do get use of them-

Oh well- Have a very Blessed Week- Do not really know why I seem so busy lately- but I am - drop me a line or post here what you love to throw together.

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  1. What a good exercise. I am not brave enough to try it yet, but it woudl be nice to get my closets emptier...


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