December 31, 2008

HAPPY 2009!!!!

May 2009 be filled with laughter, love and peace for all. Unfortunately I do not really believe in resolutions because most people break them, and in all honesty I really just try to make my life the best I can each day. Yes, I look back and have alot of regrets of the past but they cannot be changed so I just life life each day the best I can to my ability, and learn each day (and thank God he lets me see another sunrise). Have a great 2009, and remember to make each day the best you can.


  1. Happy new year! I hope 2009 is not as bad as they're saying it will be. We need some hope!

  2. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for entering my blog giveaway...I think I will browse your blog for a while.


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