December 7, 2008


I was getting ready to take a bath, a little me time while all watched a movie and calmed I said gonna go wash my hair, peel my face and shave my legs..and I hear mom we love you, leave your skin on- its too windy and cold to be taking off your skin..ok that was a joke and thought that was cute but then I hear .."Why do you have to shave your legs and not daddy..he has hair too..and so does.."T" (big brothers name)?" Wow out of a little ones mouth, so I replied mommy wants her legs to look pretty and not like furry puppy dogs and she replies "But they look like a chimps right now"- off to shave I go...thanks for making my day by giving me a smile and making me shave even more now.


  1. Thanks for your entry in my "Christmas Sucks" book giveaway. You were selected as the winner! Congrats. I'll be sending an email to you shortly.


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