September 3, 2011

Teas' Tea Low Calorie Mango Oolong -Natural Tea Antioxidants- MADE IN THE U.S.A.

   I don't think I know anyone who has never tried green tea/herbal tea, but the pure fact is all  teas are not actually the "green" or as healthy as you think you are buying.  Most of the time its after one healthy tea people give up and go back to soda or other teas because of the horrid taste.   
   You know what?   You are in luck.  

   I was asked to give my point of view on Teas'Tea Low Calorie Mango Oolong- no payment, they just sent the bottles asking for my point of view.  One reason I said yes, was because I love tea and love products made in the USA. According to  the site and google this product was... First Place at the North American Tea Championship in Ready-to-Drink Flavored Oolong Tea category!
The full taste of oolong tea paired with the bright taste of mango. 

   I had discovered they make a large selection of tea drinks, and a flavor to satisfy anyone's taste buds. 

   You can go to Teas'Tea and see all the wonderful flavors they have . They offer Classic, Low-calorie and Unsweetened.  

   I have my eye on some of those Unsweetened flavors such as the mint green tea.

   First of all they shipped out fast, and since they also send orders out by mail, I am assuming shipping is fast for all.  It was packaged with love and care.
   I proceeded to open one bottle and try it straight out of the box, and do know it was 106 outside and hot as could be.  The taste was delicious,  I could not taste the tea, only the mango. 

   Now for those of you who do not know Oolong is said to help with keeping you maintain a slender figure.  It is also semi-fermented making it unique from green and black tea.  
   For those who want to drink tea for health but cannot stand the taste this is for you. By the way did you know this contains powerful antioxidants to maintain a healthy heart and neutralize free radicals?

    After chilling, I proceeded to properly taste and was not disappointed.  My teens thought it was juice because of the mango taste.  
   Overall, I liked the taste but as a person who loves tea, I would have loved a stronger taste.  I also was surprised the 16.9 Fl oz bottle was 2 servings, and 40 calories a serving.  But indeed not a high calorie drink for the teens or any adult which is a bonus.
   Yes it is low-calorie but I like calorie free for me.  My teens loved it and that was a bonus and for something healthy, and the teens/kids liked it without holding their nose.  Oh admit it, some of those healthy teas you ask why does it stink so bad, or other unmentionable comments.  I appreciate the wonderful smell and amazing mango flavor.  The fact it uses natural cane sugar to sweeten is a big plus. 
  I do enjoy the taste of the product, and my teens/kids and I were educated on a wonderful company in the USA named Ito En. Yes, it is MADE IN THE USA click here  if you want to read about this company.   "ITO EN (North America) Inc. is well on its way to making green tea a true part of the new American culture."     We all yearn to drink healthier, and detox from soda but some of those so called healthy teas are full of chemicals and just do not make you want to come back for more.  This is one product indeed will pull you back for more.   By pure accident it actually tasted good hot  and then cold.  

  Check out the site for yourself and see the variety of products and gifts you can send. They have amazing recipes many more things such as a product find locator.  I think  this would be great to send a case or two once a month to your kids in college, or send a gift basket  during the holidays(or year round).  There are so many wonderful things on this site to discover.
     I never saw this product  in my stores but am happy I got to try it so I can share a yummy healthy drink to quench your thirst and love your body a little too.

   So if you see this at your store and wonder hmmmm,  Teas' Tea Low Calorie Mango Oolong  is it good? ..yes!!! grab one for now, a few for later. 

Teas' Tea Low Calorie Mango Oolong √

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