August 28, 2010


SPT Tower Ceramic Heater w/ Ionizer


I told you folks how I love csn stores- yes I do and I shop from home looking for bargains and deals- then order with them delivering the item right to my door. CSN had asked me if I would like to do a review for them, and I was overjoyed as I have a wishlist a mile long of things to order and a longer list of things I ordered from them. I never have been disappointed with the quality, shipping or price of any item that I have found online at their many shops- over 200 plus shops. I say if you don't find it at them you probably did not need it- they have furniture- beds, dining tables, bistro tables, everything including the kitchen sink.

Back to my jabbing I ordered the above SPT Tower Ceramic Heater w/ Ionizer SPT Tower Ceramic Heater w/ Ionizer
as I am preparing for the winter months- yep- ice got to me and I want to be able to have heat in one room without heating up the other side of the house. I had a friend look at the site and he found a few and said these are the best for your needs, and they are a deal compared to the stores- then I lost him in the lighting section and pushed him away to finish my shopping.

The product I ordered also has a fan which is what sold me- hot or cold year round and a timer AND thermostat with lcd display.

First let me say, when I got the order in- delivery said in 2 weeks...well three days later it was at my door. Happy and surprised- with CSN they aim to please and  did they please.

I have used the product for a week now, plugged it in as soon as it came- and boy delivery was speedy. As a fan it works wonders to cool  the room area and am happy to know I have something to also take the chill out of the air when it turns cold, although right now its more of a heatwave that will never end. Nope I do not want to think about the cold weather, I like the heat- even if its 100 degrees but time will tell and seasons change and eventually will be so cold you will need 4 pairs of socks and cuddle under the down comforter (by the way they have great deals on those right now). With a room heater you can move and live a little more without blasting the heat in the whole house...why not take a look and see- they have some for as little as 25 dollars that fit under or by your desk to keep you warm in dorm room or office. We did try the heat and it blew hot right away, and tried the tip off feauture- yep it worked.
Yes, I over prepared, and am getting ready for more weeks of lock down of ice storms and being stuck at home- this will help keep us warm without costing an air and leg pumping the heat all through the house. I will let you folks know how the heating bill averages out once we start using this as a heater.

SPT Tower Ceramic Heater w/ Ionizer
  • Digital thermostat with LCD display
  • ON/OFF timer, up to 7.5 hours
  • Transparent cover with remote control storage
  • Built-in air filter and Ionizer
  • Doubles as a fan
  • LCD displays ambient room temperature
  • 70° oscillation
  • 2 whisper-quiet comfort settings: High (1500W), Low (950W) and Auto
  • Main power safety switch
  • Auto safety shut-off and overheat fuse
  • Silver and titanium gray
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Tip protection
  • ETL
  • Dimensions: 23.8"H x 8.7"W x 8.7"D
  • Ceramic heat offers soothing warmth and the safety of a low surface temperature. 120° oscillation provides widespread heat coverage to gradually warm your entire room. Built-in Ionizer automatically functions when unit is turned on. Heat can also be turned off and operate unit as a fan. Features a digital thermostat with LCD display and remote, timer and main power safety switch (convenient foot switch for controlling the main power without bending over). Elegant standing design will compliment any room.
 I was furnished with a product via for review, but the views on the page are of my own free will. If I thought it was great or the stores have are great, it is my personal experience- and I have shopped for many, many years and dozens- yeh we will say dozens of wonderful items. If the item was garbage, I would tell you- but the product was great and would love for you to take a gander over at the many stores of and see the low prices and variety they have online saving you gas, time and the trouble of stuffing the item in car to bring home.
Why not take a look and see  all the wonderful items to choose from.  I seriously hate shopping- the crowds- the parking and love I can shop and get it delivered with care right to my door. Thank you CSN for letting me review and  thank you for the many years of great products you have delivered to me- here is hoping to many many more!

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