August 30, 2010


a surge of energy hit me a few hours ago and I decided to clean out not only the fridge but the freezer. Then I decided to make things before they went bad- ok-  made a huge pot of  ground turkey and tomatoes, making a sauce for sloppy joes-pasta.

Wait there is more, I found a pack of spicy sausage in the freezer and grabbed the frying pan, sliced the brats up, added a few sweet onions and all the green peppers in the basket.   

Still making food I  had some instant sugar cookies which no one was making so I took the three packs and made a huge  ball and rolled them in some flax seed, some cinnamon and splenda brown sugar and made cookie balls and  threw them in the oven. Nope not even close to done at the moment-  had some rolls that were about to expire- plain rolls and decided to make some cinnamon roll creations for morning. Still in no way done- since I had the oven on I decided to make  mini breakfast quiches- oh lord- adding  some vegies and cheese. What was I thinking because I made  a pot pie out of some crust and leftover vegies and chicken- and then made shredded chicken for barbequed sandwiches. I just sat down after realizing all that was  already done and a huge crockpot of meat cooking away. The fridge is full and  made brownies too to boot.

OK, was I hungry, bored, but at least I have at least a weeks worth of meals done- have not done that in a long while- at least I have  meals prepared and will pop some of it in the freezer. Not even tired- thinking about washing the windows outside- seriously they need cleaning and the lawn needs mowing- hopefully by the time the sun rises I will have wound down but for now- gonna go organize the office a bit and shake out the winter blankets. 

Nope not pregnant-thank goodness but seriously wonder where the surge of energy came from.  Oh well, if you try to reach me in the am, well, I may have finally fallen asleep- or just may be busy cleaning up something else in the house- oh wait I need to hang the curtain rods up and iron the curtains for fall.

  Everyone have a good day...and if you get hungry drop by- there are plenty of snacks and plenty of food to eat.  At least nothing is going bad in the fridge. :)

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