September 4, 2010


I am having an open letter here to walmart because the cs in the stores do not care and the lady at  the main hq seemed to be saying uhhuh- while I was talking- never taking my information down like who cares- the weekend is coming up.

Dear Walmart, Yes I shop from your stores...sometimes wishing I did not have to but when there is nothing else in the area- well...I sort of am stuck.

Your employees need training- seriously need training. I have more than once checked out and had to deal with cashiers, csrs, managers who do not know how to deal or use coupons, and then when I pull out your policy printed from your site- they state our store has their own policy.
My most recent experience had over 200 in groceries- much produce and meat and maybe 20 coupons but the cashier proceeded to tell me I was allowed to use only one coupon per transaction- so for the whole thing I was allowed to use one coupon. After dealing with stupid -and them telling me it says one coupon per purchase- that means no piggy backing of two coupons on item not one coupon per transaction. After being treated like crap and hearing all the crud of how walmart loses money on coupons- and not these were not internet coupons, I walked away with the items scanned and bagged. Walmart lost a sale there and yes after coupons it would have been around 150 plus tax but you get the money from coupons back so  a 209 dollar sale.
I know there are people who go and do the coupon game and do cons, use fraudulent  coupons but I am not one of them. I buy the right size and the right product. I seriously think in this day and age you need to hire someone to go around and give lessons/seminars to cashiers and employees on how to deal and use coupons. Also in how to treat customers, we all are trying to save a few bucks and coupons do not mean we are any lower on the chain- nor does it mean walmart is giving us the item...some cashiers seem to think walmart loses when taking a coupon.
If you need someone to go around- I am available- I live in walmart country- but I am sure all walmarts across the USA need visiting and need  to be taught. I am available to be hired  and know a few others who could do a great job too.

Hope you actually read this because I know my phone call on Friday went nowhere except out the other  ear of the person.  Just think how many customers are chased away by treatment like this each day...not a good thing.


  1. I rarely go to WalMart myself, but I had a problem of my own with the cashier and coupons yesterday too. I was so frustrated! All they have to do is train their employees properly - imagine how many headaches they could save themselves AND customers! :(

  2. How annoying! There's not a convenient WalMart near me so we generally shop at SuperTarget. They're good, but recently they need "manager approval" for a free product coupon over some absurdly low amount like $5.99. It takes a while to ring up. But I love my Target!


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