October 31, 2010


Why is it we always want more?
Seriously think about it- most people have closets, attics, drawers...stuffed.
Do we need most of it ?????....NO
Do we want  most of it ????- Yes
But why?

I posted on  another board recently how I wanted to declutter my life....I wanted to be able to move in a minutes notice and not have useless things holding me down.

I envy those who have the ability to pack up and go- and let go of things- that Is what they are- things that are holding us down.

I have gone through many changes the past year and a half and really want less stuff in my life. I have been donating and purging- and really it is a struggle.
Why a struggle- ?  many years ago my folks dropped a truckload of their stuff off at my house and it filled a two car garage and was told to cherish it.
Yep you know the parents giving you  the guilt trip- keep it forever and pass it down.
Another reason why it is a struggle for 25 years I was married to a hoarder- yep and it became- save it all- its worth something....from the kids clothes... to wrappers- to anything and I see the impact it had on the kiddos. The save it factor is hard and they never threw anything away. Granted, I snuck donations out when I could- it got out of hand. Why I went along when I am the kind of person who says if you cannot use it donate it, share what you can- let someone else get use out of it.
I did my best and  am trying to retrain the kids brains on living with what you need and not saving things forever .....
it is hard
our local thrift stores are being filled for the holidays- with new and used items- you see some things were not open because they are worth more not used- not played with....ok I say use it- play with it- wear it out and enjoy it- that is where the worth is to me.
I am having a hard time with some family things passed down to keep-I wish hgtv would come in with the sell it truck for me and take them  so I could invest in college or pay bills even.
I want to remind you all though don't get burdened with things and accumulating things- some you do not need, some you will never used and always a pain to lug around.
I guess something is wrong with me because I don't need alot, and when I do happen to get something new- I have learned and adjusted my thinking to donate or share other things it replaces. I have learned to ask myself even more-  is it because I just want to spend and buy..buy..buy...and will it make me happy?
I have a way to go to lighten the load in life but its a start...I sure do not want my kiddos having to dig through so much stuff when I die, I keep what I cherish...and I share what I don't need. To be honest I cherish very little- I love the handprints and the artwork of the kids- true  things to cherish.

Hopefully 3 months from now I will be able to pack the house in a truck in a weekend and leave and not have it take months to get through.
Hopefully my stuff will be down another 50 percent- since last year I have cut it down bigtime but really want to be able to rent a uhaul or ryder truck or whatever moving truck and take the morning to load the truck and go.  Enough is enough-
and if any moving  company or rental truck company wants to sponsor me  when I do - drop me a line...Yep we are decluttering and  getting ready to get on with life in a new place- a new safe enviorment....soon we will be able to see if the challenge works- but am hoping when we get where we are going our lives stay decluttered and we cut down even more- enough is enough and we need to use and appreciate what we have.

So how many of you out there- have so much stuff- too much stuff?
How many of you seriously need to declutter the things in your life because you have so much stuff holding you down?

I really am loving the feeling of less- even less in the cupboards- I cleaned them out and have started from scratch. I no longer want to have 50 boxes of cereal ready to g- or extra stuff here and there just in case. Yes we go through at least 4 boxes of cereal a week and will keep some on hand but no longer even hoard food- and you know what...we eat less- snack less and  eat healthier and have lost weight.  I have done alot this past weekend- and past few weeks- the attic was stuffed with things and it is now empty. Our one car garage has been purged- and it was full top to bottom with no walking space- now there is maybe 1/4 of a garage of things that will be weeded down again. Our local thrift stores are full of treasures and stock, so someone can use them and they are not wasted.  I know- but seriously- we don't have any shelves set up here so things are put away until we get to our final destination. Books have been donated, movies donated to the local library- my gosh how they accumulate.

I think I am showing my kids and heading them in the right direction- having them learn to give up what they do not need or will use, letting someone else have a chance to use.  I felt like such a screw up for letting things get out of control, but it seems to be getting better, and life is happier with less things to move and clean up, as well as less to worry about.

We have decided to give up presents this year and just be together, and be happy, and save money spent on gifts and put it towards something else.

I hope I have not hurt anyones feelings- I know people like to stockpile- from shampoo to food but at some point I had enough and have said enough is enough.
I do stockpile tp and always have a 6 month supply but that is it.

Maybe at some point you will realize  how much stuff you have...maybe you won't but I never  want to be the person I was ever again.  I like my space and less is more.  I guess I woke up and realized I do not want my kids having to deal with all the crap I had and had been passed.

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