October 4, 2010


One store that I keep going back to for gifts or anything I need is CSN- they have everything including the kitchen sink. CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish handbags, to modern bar furniture, or great cookware! These are my favorite- remind me of the  soda  fountains when I was a kid.  Don't forget the holidays are coming up- extra seating at the counters or just to change the look  of a room. The kitchen is a great gathering place during the cold weather and  yep even I like to sit  at a stool while mixing things and decorating cookies and treats.  I love CSN for gifts because they ship directly to the person and  many items are free shipping- and also because CSN is as reliable as can be with quality products. Forget the  baskets of fruit and the fruit cakes...send a gift from CSN.

Here is part of my wish list folks.....http://www.cookware.com/Paula-Deen-19809-EEN1123.html and http://www.cookware.com/Kingsley-Bate-Teak-IP-Sectional-KB1523.html (ok, a little steep- but look at the savings and free shipping- I can dream) . Really, they have anything from  toys for your little one- whether  or not they are puppies, kitties or your children or  tools for your hubby (while you are at it hit the shoes and handbags).  Countdown is here- get to shopping!

Disclosure- I was given a gc in turn I gave it to a deserving group of college students to buy much needed items for their living quarters.  I do know they are happy with their purchase and is set up and in use.

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