June 26, 2011

SPREAD SOME LOVE AROUND.....I want to share with you...lovegrownfoods

   I  found an amazing company called Love Grown Foods and they have the most amazing flavors of granola - my favorite being apple walnut delight- perfect alone to mixed with yogurt- so far I have had all the flavors and this is my favorite of the five.  If you are searching  for that perfect snack treat that is good for you and made with love go try them out.  By the way you can order online and have some love delivered right to your door too.  They retail for about 5 dollars a bag and are the most amazing treat...if you are a chocolate addict I suggest you try the cocoa goodness.  They have 5 varieties of love for everyone. (picture belongs to them)

Apple Walnut Delight

Cocoa Goodness

Raisin Almond Crunch

Simply Oats

Sweet Cranberry Pecan



What is amazing about this company- ???  

Everything in the package I can pronounce and it is gluten free.  No hidden crud, healthy for you so you can live.

Now go check out the store online, or check out where they are sold and pick up a bag  or two- you will be hooked like I was from the first bite.  Go check out love grown foods and tell them I- momforeverandever sent you if you buy some- no I am not getting anything- nor was I paid- if a product is great I want people to know and want to spread the word.   I just want to share the love with you folks.  God Bless.  SPREAD SOME LOVE AROUND.....I want to share with you...lovegrownfoods

Someone emailed and asked me if I have tried them all- yes I have- they are all delicious....

if you  have tried them please post and let me know your favorite flavor...

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