June 26, 2011

Summertime and the living is easy...

     Do any of you remember the times when there were no remote controls- ok so the folks called you into the room for some poor excuse and by the way change the channel to so and so...in fact before cable when rabbit ears were the thing. A time when things were slower, and in a way easier? A time when as a kid you went out at the crack of dawn and did not come  back in until the streetlights went on.  It was a time kids loved to be outside,  not  hooked on video games and tv.  It was a time when we did not worry about perverts and such...in some part due to not having such fast news- by the way as a teen I lived in the area of John Wayne Gacey- remember him- yep thats when times changed a bit but not  as bad as it is now.  We thought one of my brothers was one of his victims and later found out he joined the military to escape my  family life.

     For those with kids teach and remind them not to walk up to cars,  remind them not to talk to strangers- even if  they know them because of you-  but  do let them be kids.  Teach  them to scream loud stranger and yell for help and run.  Teach them their phone number, if they do not know their phone number put it on a bracelet or inside the flaps of shoes.
     Teach them to be safe.  Teach them stranger danger and set up a safe word only the two of you know.

     Please let your kids be kids..yes be protective- sunscreen, helmet, life vest and watch them.

     Let them play outside- pull out the laptop and sit on the patio but let them play. In fact shut off the computer and draw outside on the sidewalk with them, go for a bikeride with them...walk them to the library and check out some new adventures.  Yes, its summer..plant a garden.  It is summer- let your kids be  kids- let  them  have a lazy day of sitting outside all day and  blow bubbles and read.  They are only kids for such a little time and they need to destress like we do.  Remember they are kids and need  off time too for the brain cells to recharge and yes the are kids-

Enjoy the summer...be safe and smile...

do remember  before you know it they will be having babies of their own.

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