August 10, 2011

Bubblebutt...PrincessPuddlebutt..TomTomTamale....WHAT DID YOU CALL YOURS?

   Being a parent is an adventure.  Yes, I said adventure.  I have learned through thousands and thousands of diaper changes none are never really the same.  Some are boring if you are lucky, but indeed the ones that are hard in fact are the ones that create memories.  
   Think about the ones you can laugh about are the ones that took you on an know the messy ones, and especially the ones where  it was an adventure and dare to get the diaper on.  Almost like they are saying ha ha Mom, I dare you to catch me.   And so it goes the dare is on...let the adventure begin.

   My kids have had some strange nicknames as kids my favorite name being Tom Tom Tamale, but there have been others like Princess Puddlebutt and Bubble Butt...  Now my others had nicknames too but these stand out as the biggest violators of the diaper squirms.  
  TomTom began from the first few days of bringing home. He would wiggle and jiggle while diapering him, he was even one of those who seemed to be able to piddle at you when in between diapers, boy did I learn fast with this one. As he grew a bit older, he would do the hip lift and butt wiggle while I tried hard to get a tight fit. He began to crawl and I began to think I did not know how to diaper a boy because I would turn around and he would be out of his diaper but the diaper would be intact, not undone..he squirmed out of it. When putting on diapers it seemed like he would sit still. I did learn to change the diaper on a changer on the floor for safety, and indeed with this child I had to duct tape his on.  The fact he squirmed so much might have been a clue  or maybe not but as soon as he walked, I put a potty out for the boy and he was potty trained quite quick.  I was proud I got him potty trained quick but have a feeling Tom Tom was a bit of a nudist at heart at that age.  
   I felt like I still was a beginner since I did not fully grasp the control of the squirmer- well do you ever, but felt like no one showed me or told me or helped me, or guided me.
  Now bubblebut and princess were ones where I actually learned to get it right.  Now princess was a squirmer all over of  rubbing her bottom in the diaper as she sat /laid and pooed and also loved to roll her bottom in it like it was mudd as I changed it.  Yes they squirmed like nuts, and drove me crazy. 

 What I learned.....

 I learned to have a huge changing mat- the size of a beach towel,and a smaller one with them directly on.   First thing- if you have long hair- put it in a ponytail- nothing like bending over to wipe and your hair gets a chunk of boom boom  or liquid boom boom (poo) on your hair- seriously...and worse if you do not notice it for awhile till it crusts. You need to have all the supplies in a bin  down next to me . Yes, I put them up when done- but having it all handy helps make a fast change. This allows you to change very quickly- very, very quickly.  Never ever take a hand off baby- let them feel your hand on them- calm them down.   I also learned give them a small toy that they can hold and keep their attention. I undo the diaper then  I use my left hand to hold both feet firmly  and lift the boom boom  up to clean up the boomer mess and get rid of old diaper.  I wipe and wipe it off and then  I slide in diaper with right hand. Left hand rests on tummy while securing tabs. I have gotten  quick and give baby little time to squirm. They seem to fight less in the one handed feet hold- firm grasp with fingers and hand.  I wonder if when you are lifting their legs they are worried what is she doing down there or saying- finally- you know  it was getting  pretty stinky down there.. I agree that on the floor is safer for all for a diaper change.
  Now with that being said I have had adventures with a squirmer grabbing a handful of poo, another time with a dog running in and stealing a diaper full of boom boom- what  a mess that was.  Yes, having a squirmer can be an adventure, sometimes a headache, but, remember those are the times you will remember when they are older and laugh.  Now I could have done without the  baby squirming so bad I was distracted the dog ran off with it, but it happened, so now I laugh.

  I hope you cherish the time you have before you know it, they blink and they are grown. If by chance you know a new mom, go help her out. Seriously, there are so many resources now , there were not that many even 5 years ago but share what you know, and share the booboos too.  It is hard being a mom we do learn by experience, but its great to get advice from real moms out there there. 



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