August 12, 2011

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN..time for another day of school !!!!

The kids showed no show of excitement yesterday.  Oh wait I did hear a  mom I have a pimple with a bit of panic.   
We packed up supplies, labeled stress, no sign of any fears.  
Almost like ok, we had our vacation, time to go back to work.  

It may be harder for me since I am a solo parent 100% of the time, but all night I sat thinking about the first steps, the  first fingerpaints, on some the first dates.  Everything has gone through my mind and I was so excited last night, now with a little under 3 hours my babies will be at once again off.  

I am so proud of them, they have had a great fights- serious no fights, no yelling.  Maybe they sent the wrong kids home for the summer but I seriously loved being home with them.  We went camping in the backyard and watching stars, had water balloon fights(and pelting me- but I know admit I  took them because it was so hot).   But my favorite was putting on the puddle jumpers and stomping in the rain at midnight.  We had over 30 straight days of 100 plus weather so when rain showers come...we dance!  Yes midnight. 

Amazing but true, we learned so much this summer about green living, and kept check on one another.   They experienced so much life from baby birds to squirrels to death  this summer.  We all attempted to grow a garden but the extreme drought just did not agree with us, or most anyone around here, but they are determined to plant for a fall crop.  

My babies are growing, yes growing-  I tell myself don't blink too fast because they grow so fast, but its a part of life.  

One day my babies will be having babies of their own...and waiting with a bit of fear, a bit of sadness - a slight smile for another first in their long exciting lives.

 In case I have a heart attack while waiting waiting, I want you all to know I am so proud of them- and yes I tell them everyday.  My children have manners, live green and seem to have their heads on straight... I think they---nope I know they are going to be the adults in the future that make this place a better place.

  The kids have the flowers all ready to bring the teachers, the backpacks all ready and all the clothes laid out.  
Why can't I sleep?????
- I am the excited one, waiting for the unknown chaos or the unknown calm- not really sure.  

Lunches and snacks packed. Batteries charged ready for pictures.
Breakfast is even ready .  
I set the alarm clock, gotta feeling I will hit tired soon, and am in fear of them not waking up on time.  It is almost time-that time again.

I pray they love school and make great friends, love their teachers.  I pray they are safe- I have faith in God to watch over them and protect them- thank you God, and for some of you - you know I really need to have God watching over them.   I love them and I guess they are not only growing but I am too.

If you are experiencing a first day too as a parent, I am praying for you. I have been through many, and will be through many more..they survive and so do youGod Bless.

this is my work- no reprinting- saying its yours- I am tired of people who take others works- @momforeverandever @mom4everandever

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