August 17, 2011


Someone recently asked me why I run...Why do I run, yes I have lost weight.  But, indeed I love good food and will not deprive myself at this point of life.

But really..why do I really run....

Why do I run?  I am in nowhere near an athlete- yes I get out of breathe, feel like I am  about to die at times but really why do I run...ok jog- sometimes walk, even out in the rain?

It is my escape in so many ways.  There is so much in my life going on that I cannot control, that I screwed up, and regret.  So many dreams broken.  Yes there are some great things too.

So why do I run, its my escape to - destress...cry and yes to even talk and at times scream at God.   I even run in the rain- easier to scream and no one hears over the booms.

Yes, someday I dream of running a marathon for a great cause.  For now, every run I take is my therapy to life...and in the end I get moving too and set a good example to move. 

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