August 23, 2010

How A Company Can Lose Customers

I recently bought a winter coat from a company at a great deal- they had free shipping, no tax and  it was  the coat I wanted. Well, when I got it, it stunk, I aired it out for a day and still stunk so I called the company and sadly had to send it back.
Easy  as could be.  I was happy and decided not to deal with the smell  and chance of another coat- would just get another one later.  Here is  my biggie- the coat was on clearance- two days later got an email announcing a sale on all clearance to save xx amount of dollars on all clearance and that coat had been marked up 13 additional dollars . Isn't the point of clearance to get rid of,  so people paid more now than it was the week before even after coupon savings.  Come on- this was not a tiny business at all, and they did  alot of business from me in the past and
have lost my future business. Yes, I know prices from a company go up after you look at them on amazon sometime, but this was not amazon.
I emailed the company in question and had given them a week to reply- wanting to see what their answer was, and they sent a general auto reply and have not gotten a reply from a cs agent.  If I hear from them I will let you know but beware of price games online.  When a company does this, they lose me as a customer. Forever- I deleted my account and told them not to send me any more sales or coupons. Watch those sales, they may not be  such a again after all.

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  1. I hear this type of story half a dozen times a day! I work for a bank, in the visa department. I feel your pain.
    All the best,


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